Bonne Maman Caramel Spread, 380 g


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A perfect blend of milk and natural sugars that brings back the happiest memories of childhood. Enjoy it on pancakes, with ice cream or simply with a spoon! 

Who doesn’t love the taste of sweet caramel drizzled over soft bread or warm vanilla cake? When it comes to childhood treats, this one takes the cake! Bonne Maman’s dulce de leche caramel spread will bring back all those delicious memories, perfect for those who never want to grow up. 

From brunch to dessert, turn any meal into a show-stopping feast with our delicious dulce de leche caramel spread. The only challenge? Resisting the urge to eat it all before the others have a chance to try it! If you prefer to keep it for yourself, wait till everyone’s asleep and sneak down to the kitchen. Sweet dreams guaranteed.